Valuable information in the right format

Valuable information
in the right format
Bring your factory
closer to your office
Simple to use
- any time, any place

Use Windows Applications via the On-Site Smart Portal

SP5000 stores the documents you always use to the Smart Portal so that you can utilize them. Use manuals and troubleshooting guides that you already have as they are, without special instruction screens, to drastically cut design man-hours.

Utilize Your Own Applications

You can use your own applications on the on-site Smart Portal.

Dedicated launcher

The dedicated launcher which is Pro-face original tool also makes application startup easier and more flexible.

Use On-Site Smart Portal to Perform Maintenance

SP5000 can store maintenance and a variety of other tools. To perform maintenance, you used to have to bring a PC, open the control panel, look for the controller and connect a cable. Lack of space to even put the computer down meant that you frequently debugged with the PC on your lap. With SP5000, the HMI usually used as a control terminal serves the role of a PC at times to reduce workload during maintenance. You can also combine with the Pro-face Remote HMI to remotely monitor and control applications. To monitor using a tablet, for example, you can start the HMI screen with a PLC program tool.

Use Even More Information in High-Speed Processing

CPU capacity is 8 times greater than our existing HMI. Renders a visually pleasing display even if the amount of information to display on the screen increases. Motion and other position information, for example, is displayed at high speeds and large-quantity recipes are processed at high speeds. Animation is used to express equipment status realistically, while flowcharts and other detailed information also display clearly.

Crisp display

Since up to 16 million colors are available for display, you can create a beautifully visible screen with pictures.

Wide display

The 16:9-wide screen allows you to use the right and/or left space for a landscape-oriented graph as well as a menu in order to access lots of information.

Large display

The largest 15-inch (1024 x 768) of SP5000 series can show lots of information on a screen. A wide selection of sizes from 7 to 15-inch display is available.