STW6000 Features


Aluminum Front Panel

Perfectly finished appearance thanks to CNC machining processing and color coating like a smartphone.

The metal frame gives the product a high-grade finish that is not offered by any other basic HMI.

STW6000 Feature

16 Million Colors

Achieve the previously unimaginable and bring displays to life with 16 million colors.





STW6000 Feature

Simple & Easy

Ready to use, no application to download

The panel with HTML5 Browser function enables:

  • Easy display of Title bar by a swipe gesture on top of screen for full navigation.
  • Access to Menu for configuration of different @ of Servers and Web HMI.
  • Visualize all Web contents of any HTTP Servers in industrial devices.
STW6000 Feature

Easy Installation

The product can be installed immediately as no tools are necessary.







STW6000 Feature

Easy Customization

Better design suits your machine.

Support customer requirement on overlay design (colors and logo).




STW6000 Feature

Easily Access the Manual

User manual via a QR code on the product label for easy maintenance in the field.





STW6000 Feature

Connected & Secure

2 Ethernet Ports, Switch embedded for daisy chain

STW6000 Feature

Enhanced cybersecurity against basic intentional attacks

  • Need admin rights to configure HMI target
  • Doing security checking during booting
STW6000 Feature