Remote HMI Server

Pro-face Remote HMI Server is a Windows application to connect any PC or IPC with our Pro-face Remote HMI application and operate any kind of software via the application.
Digital Part Number: PFXEXRHSLSA

Simultaneous monitoring of different applications


The Pro-face Remote HMI Server can be accessed by multiple Pro-face Remote HMI APP enabled smart devices and distribute different views and programs simultaneously.

Customized views

The option to distribute custom designed area besides the standard desktop view or program view improves user guidance and minimizes the need for software changes.

User management

The access of each connection of the Pro-face Remote HMI Server can be restricted for certain smart devices only. This further is improves the security and prevent unintended operation.

Technical Specifications:

Supported Models:
SP5000 Series (Open Box)
PS4000 Series
AT compatible machine/PE4000B Series PC

Object OS and its version:

Windows XP 32bit OS (Service Pack 3, Professional/Home Edition)
Windows Vista 32bit OS (any Service Pack, any Edition)
Windows 7 32bit/64bit OS (any Service Pack, All editions except for Starter)
Windows 8/8.1 32bit/64bit OS (any Service Pack, any Edition)
Windows Embedded Standard 7
Windows Embedded Standard 2009
Windows XP Embedded

Object language
Japanese, English

Required disk storage capacity (The maximum, the minimum, availability after installation)
Minimum: 10MB

A listing of other required equipment
DVD Drive: Use it only at the time of installation
Ethernet Port

The limitations and notes on a hardware requirement
[Display] - [Property] Display Colons: High-Color (16bit) or later