PS5000 Features - Power

Powerful Connectivity Reliability Design Quality

Excellent performance in a comfortable package

A generous helping of the latest technology, even for an industrial computer, gives this industrial PC a surprising edge performance-wise.

This model delivers the necessary power to high-spec machine tools and other devices that require high-speed processing as well as significantly reduced OS and application start-up times.
*1 Compared with PS4000 Series

Intuitively operable multi-touch display

Equipped with a multi-touch display that enables operation similar to that of a tablet or smartphone.

The intuitive gestures for such actions as zooming in or out on a device operation screen or swiping to switch screens make operation smooth and simple. Choose between the electrostatic capacitive type or the pressure-sensitive type capable of being used with gloves.

High-visibility, high-resolution display

Equipped with a full HD (1980×1080) display offering approx. 1.6 times more display area than conventional models.

Even when used as an industrial panel computer to show a lot of information from monitoring applications all over the plant, the display shows numbers, letters, inspection images, and other information in a clear and legible manner.

Flexible installation

Product can be installed with VESA mounting arm, and an enclosed model with IP66 is also available.

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