Pro-face Connect Restrictions

Drivers that support ladder monitor tools and device/PLC communication

Drivers that have been evaluated to support the Pass-Through Function in the Pro-face Connect environment. This information is updated as other drivers are evaluated.

Drivers that can communicate with Pass-Through Function

Device/PLC Manufacturer Driver Name Series Name
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Q Series CPU Direct MELSEC Q
QnA Series CPU Direct MELSEC QnA
FX Series CPU Direct MELSEC FX
Yaskawa Electric Corporation MP Series SIO (Extended) MP2000
MP Ethernet/Mechatrolink MP2000
Yokogawa Electric Corporation Personal Computer link SIO FA-M3
Personal Computer link Ethernet FA-M3
Omron Corporation CS/CJ Series HOST Link CJ1
CS/CJ Series Ethernet CJ1
Rockwell Automation, Inc. DF1 CompactLogix
Siemens AG SIMATIC S7 MPI Direct SIMATIC S7-300
KEYENCE Corporation KV-700/1000/3000/5000 CPU Direct KV-1000
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. FP Series Computer Link SIO FP
Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. TC Series (TCmini/TC200) TCmini

Drivers that can communicate with device/PLC set up as SiteManager Agents

This connection is possible when the license format is SiteManager Embedded Extended.
Device/PLC Manufacturer Driver Name Series Name
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Q/QnA Series Ethernet MELSEC iQ-R
Omron Corporation CS/CJ Series Ethernet CJ1

Drivers that cannot communicate

Device/PLC Manufacturer Driver Name Series Name
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Q Series QnU CPU Ethernet MELSEC Q

Actions you can use on Pro-Server EX

You can use the following actions only. *1
  • Upload to the database
  • Download from the database
  • Automatic Upload of Access Data
  • Automatic Download of Access Data
  • Writes Data to Excel Book
  • Download of Excel Recipe
  • Writes Data from CSV file
  • Writes Data to CSV file
  • Process-Data-Collection ACTION
  • Actual-Data-Collection ACTION
  • GP SRAM Alarm-History-File Collection ACTION
  • GP SRAM Sampling-Data Collection ACTION
  • ECreating a Report using Excel *2
  • Automatic Upload of GP Filing Data *2
  • Automatic Download of GP Filing Data *2
  • GP Log Data Upload *2

*1 You cannot use actions where SiteManager or its agents are the trigger source (trigger conditions, entry nodes).

*2 You cannot use data saved in external storage with this function. Save data to the display unit's internal memory.

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