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Pro-face Connect is a ready-to-use cloud solution for remote access over the internet without programming or configuring each device separately. Use Pro-face Connect on your existing network without involving your IT department. Save travel expenses and time using remote maintenance with the highest level of security and encryption in place from end to end, from any PC or tablet to your machinery. 

Remote access for maintenance, control, data collection and monitoring from anywhere

Pro-face by Schneider Electric has developed its own network topology to access factories and machinery remotely. Get secure access from outside the local network to HMI, PLC, drives and all other network connected devices like cameras, servers and even to PC applications from anywhere in the world.

‘Pro-face Connect’ is a ready-to-use IIoT solution for Remote Access Over Internet on PS5000 Series IPC, SP5000 Series Smart Portal HMI and GP4000 Series HMI without programming or configuring each device. Start using the cloud based 'Pro-face Connect' Smart Industry solution on your existing network without involving your IT department. No network or firewall configurations are required and still the highest level of security and encryption is in place from end to end, from any PC, tablet and smartphone to your machinery.


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Key benefits of Pro-face Connect

white_block.jpgEncrypted connections through all networks. User authorisation management and access control.
checkmark.jpgCost saving
white_block.jpgLess travel expenses and shorter production outage times. Scalable cloud services according to your needs.
white_block.jpgInstant access to HMI, PLC and drives for operation and maintenance.
checkmark.jpgEasy to set up
white_block.jpgEasy to understand configuration in a central place in the cloud for all your equipment.
checkmark.jpgAround the globe
white_block.jpgStay connected and take your factory with you to any place in the world.
checkmark.jpgBuilt-in by standard
white_block.jpgPro-face Connect works out of the box on Pro-face IPC and HMI.

Works as if you were on-site

Control or monitor your machinery, collect data or perform system maintenance remotely from anywhere in the world through internet with a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Save costs by eliminating travelling time and expenses for your technical maintenance staff and shorten production outage time by quick remote intervention on PLCs and drives. 

Secure 3-step communication with access control and user authorization management

While you don't need to worry about data security and encryption, you do want to make sure that you only grant access your machines and devices to authorised staff, that is where the GateManager comes in. In the cloud based GateManager you can specify which of your machinery can be accessed by whom and from which PC or mobile device.

Whether you want to control or monitor your machinery, or want to collect data or perform system maintenance remotely, the LinkManager on your PC, or the LinkManager Mobile on your tablet or smartphone always asks for access permission from the GateManager in the cloud before even connecting to your production site and machinery. In this way a maximum level of security is reached, because authentication takes place outside of your production facilities.

Access to your machinery will only succeed with the SiteManager running on your machinery, which is registered in the cloud based GateManager for autentication. The SiteManager itself is built-in by standard on PS5000 Pro-face IPC, SP5000 Smart Portal HMI and GP4000 HMI and doesn't require configuration.

'Pro-face Connect' offers an Industry 4.0 solution that puts you in control of your factory and production processes from anywhere in the world. With 3-step communication between LinkManagerGateManager and SiteManager you have full control over how selected staff accesses specific machines - without ever having to worry about data security.

Scalable in the cloud. Only pay for what you need.

Pro-face Connect is a scalable IoT cloud service that can be ordered online according to your actual needs. 3 standard packages are available to choose from, with the option to extend them with additional services. Include the required number of LinkManagers running on PCs and mobile devices and include only as many SiteManagers as you need to have activated on your machinery.

Only pay for what you need and what you use, don't pay for unused functionality. Easily upscale your Pro-face Connect if more staff members need remote access to a growing number of network connected machines at your facilities, or downscale it again if needed. Reach efficient cost controlling without sacrificing any of your Smart Industry needs today and in the future.