Operating Environment

Pro-face Remote HMI

Version Relaese Edition Free Edition
Supported OS iOS: Ver. 6.0 or later / 7.0 or later / 8.0 or later / 9.0 or later -
Android OS: Ver. 4.0 or later / Ver. 5.0 or later
Supported Devices Tablet or smartphone which supports the above OS and Google Play *1
→ Tested Smart Devices
Language English / Japanese *2
Wi-Fi Required
→ Tested Wireless LAN Access Points
→ SP5000 Series Wireless LAN Model can be used as an access point
External Memory Unnecessary
No. of Registered Server Up to 100 units
Supported Models/
No. of simultaneous-connectable units

The asynchronous mode is available for one of simultaneous-connectable units only.
SP5000 (Power Box) *3 / 5 units
GP4000 Series *4 / 3 units
GP4000M Series *3 / 2 units
LT4000M Series *5 / 3 units
SP5000 (Open Box) *3 *6 / 5 units
PS5000 Series *6 / 5 units
PS4000 Series *6 / 5 units
PE4000B Series *6 / 5 units
PC/AT compatible machine*7 *8 / 5 units
Supported HMI Editor for HMI Server App Ver. 1.0x: GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.1 or later
App Ver. 1.1x, 1.2x: GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.5 or later
App Ver. 1.3x: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0 or later
App Ver. 1.4x: GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.03 or later
Limitations - Available for 30 days only.
Synchronous mode only.

Pro-face Remote HMI "Free Edition" does not allow you to connect your terminal device to Pro-face Remote HMI Server.

Pro-face Remote HMI Server (PFXEXRHSLS)

Contents Definition
Supported models SP5000 Series (Open Box)
PS5000 Series
PS4000 Series
PE4000B Series
PC / AT compatible machine *9
Object OS and its version <The following operating systems are supported by PS4*00.
(Supported OS is different according to CPU)>

Windows 7 (ML)
Windows Embedded Standard 7 (ML)
Windows XP (Japanese/ML)
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (ML)

<The following operating systems are supported by PS5000.
(Supported OS is different according to CPU)>

Windows 7 (ML)
Windows Embedded Standard7 (ML)
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry

<The following operating systems are supported by PE4000B.
(Supported OS is different according to CPU)>

Windows Embedded Standard 7 (ML)
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (ML)

<SP5000 Open Box>
Windows 7 Embedded (Japanese/ML)

<PC/AT Compatible>
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later (Japanese/English),
Windows Vista Home/Premium/Business (Japanese/English),
Windows 7 32bit/64bit edition (Starter/Home Basic/Home
Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate) (Japanese/English),
Windows 8.0 32bit/64bit edition (Pro/Enterprise) (Japanese/English),
Windows 8.1 32bit/64bit edition (Pro/Enterprise) (Japanese/English),
Windows 10 32bit/64bit OS (any Service Pack, Home/Pro/Enterprise Edition) (Japanese/English)
Object language Japanese, English
Required disk storage capacity
(The maximum, the minimum, availability after installation)
Minimum: 10MB
Maximum: 50MB
A listing of other required equipment - DVD drive: Use it only at the time of installation.
- EtherNet Port
The limitations and notes on a hardware requirement [Display] - [Property] Display Colors: High Color (16bit) or higher
  1. It does not provide any guarantees of the performance on all tablets and smartphones.
    Be sure to have the operation check with a "Free Edition" before purchasing.
  2. The language on the application depends on OS language setting.
    If the OS language setting is "Japanese", the language on the application is "Japanese".
    If the OS language setting is other than Japanese, then the language on the application is "English".
  3. GP-Pro EX Ver. 4.0 or later is required.
  4. Except for GP-4201TW with no LAN port and GP4100 Series (Monochrome Model)
  5. GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.6 or later is required.
  6. Only the Pro-face Remote HMI Server license (PFXEXRHSLS) is required.
  7. Besides the Pro-face Remote HMI Server license (PFXEXRHSLS), the WinGP USB dongle (EX-WINGP-PCAT) is required as well.
  8. The maximum no. of connectable units depends on the situation, such as CPU specifications, running applications, and so on.
  9. Pro-face Remote HMI Server License (PFXEXRHSLS) and WinGP for PC/AT (EX-WINGP-PCAT) are required.
Following are the recommendations for safe usage of Pro-face product that connects to network.
- Prior confirmation with the network administrator about how mobile devices can connect to HMI without compromising network security.
- Create or update of an access point that is configured for strong network authentication & encryption.
- Access point is combined with a firewall configured to block access to all devices except the HMI with mobility, and to block all ports except those needed for Pro-face Remote HMI. See the details about the port.
- If the mobile device connects to the HMI using the cellular network then in addition to the above firewall configuration, it is important that the cellular modem which provides a gateway to the cellular network has also enabled functions for VPN & authentication. These functions will stop other unknown devices on the same cellular network from connecting to the industrial network via the cellular modem without a password.
  a. VPN functionality is provided by the Mobile device's OS and must also be activated & required on the cellular modem.
  b. VPN is also recommended for use with other GP-Pro EX tools off-site, such as GP-Viewer EX, etc...
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