GP-Pro EX Connectivity Tools

Pro-face Software Allows for Extensive HMI Connectivity

Pro-Server EX
Pro-Server EX allows data collection, sharing and monitoring from remote Pro-face Operator Interfaces via Ethernet. Pro-Server EX allows users to “see” into their automation process on the factory floor from the convenience of their office. It also helps in saving time and travel by collecting and communicating information, and eliminating the need for “clipboard collection” of data.

Remote PC Access (RPA)
View, access and control a remote PC through an AGP unit. Users can view, and control any application installed on the host PC. Access documents or applications not normally found on HMI’s. View or control PLC Ladder Logic software, PDF documents, drawings, web pages, machine documentation, and send email - through the HMI screen.

GP-Viewer EX
Only available on AGP Ethernet units, the GP-Viewer EX utility allows a PC to directly view, access and control a remote AGP unit. GP-Viewer EX users can view screens synchronously or asynchronously with local operator (view same screen as operator, or bring up a different screen than the operator is viewing). You can also use the utility to create screen captures for documentation. Learn More!

CameraViewer EX
An add-on for Multimedia AGP models, the CameraViewer EX PC Software allows streaming live video from a remote AGP to a PC. Video can be recorded on the PC, recorded files can be played back. The date and time search function makes it easy to locate events captured on video for diagnostics. Event Recorder or other video recorded on the AGP can be transferred to the PC using USB memory or via FTP Server for playback and analysis on the CameraViewer EX PC.

Web Server
The Web Server utility, installed on individual AGP units, allows an operator to view or change data within an AGP by using any web browser. Reporting and data features include:

  • Alarm data via web page or by subscribing to RSS feed Runtime and driver information
  • Monitor and change internal or PLC variables
  • Launch FTP connection to upload or download files to CF or USB memory (AGP is FTP Server)

FTP Server
The FTP Server utility can remotely read and write Alarm, Image, Sampling Data, Recipe and Video files on to an AGP unit CF card or USB memory. Users can also use a standard FTP client to update or retrieve data from an AGP unit.

Transfer Tool

The Transfer Tool is a free utility allowing the download or upload of a GP-Pro EX project to or from an AGP unit without the need for a full copy of the GP-Pro EX development software. The Transfer Tool can also:

  • Compare project to version running in AGP
  • Access CF or USB files
  • Display detailed unit and project information
  • Memory Loader function for Back Up File transfers to CF or USB Storage

Pass Through
The Pass Through utility allows PLC programming applications to pass information through an AGP unit to a connected PLC. No need to disconnect from the AGP unit, and then reconnect the programming PC directly to the PLC.

Network Printing
When an AGP is configured for network printing, the AGP unit can now print through a networked computer to a networked printer. GP Remote Printer Server utility is installed on the networked computer to allow the AGP unit to directly print to a networked printer.

Movie Converter

The Movie Converter utility converts digital movie formats into a format that can be played on AGP multi-media units.