February 2018 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

Pro-face Connect

Pro-face Connect is a ready-to-use cloud solution for secure remote access over the internet without programming or configuring each device separately. Use Pro-face Connect on your existing network without involving your IT department. Save travel expenses and time using remote maintenance with the highest level of security and encryption in place from end-to-end.
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PS5000 Display Adapter

The new Display Adapter for the PS5000 iPC Series allows you to configure any PS5000 display module as a stand-alone industrial monitor. This configuration can be operated as a separate monitor for the PS5000 node box, or for any iPC that supports a Display Port (DP) Graphic Interface and USB for Touchscreen Interface. This option is not sold separately.

Pro-Server EX 1.36

Pro-Server EX is a powerful, multi-function data management software tool that provides real-time reporting of automated manufacturing and production environments. Pro-Server EX 1.36 now supports GP-2612T, GP-4521T, GP-4G01, SP-5B41, and features upload to and from the database Action.

Solution of the Month

Starter Kit Solutions are here! What’s included? A unit, software, a template program, and an accessory item (Fingerprint Reader, Tower Light, etc). Whether your company needs an automation notification or controlled entrance system, our Starter Kit Solutions can be customized to suit your business needs. Contact us to create your Starter Kit today!
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