Color Model Features

Data handling to meet the evolving needs of the IIoT age

In the IIoT age there is a growing need for on-site information. With Ethernet and USB Type A interfaces included, the GP4100 Series allows you to easily keep a range of information on site such as alarms, recipes and sampling, despite its small size.

Pro-Server EX Product page
*1 Pro-Server EX will be supported in July 2016.

Small-sized HMI, but no compromise on visibility or operability

With a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, information is finely displayed despite the limitations of space. The 65,536-color display provides improved visibility and avoids incorrect operation caused by low display quality of monochrome models.

Easy customization for equipment globalization

Multi-language operation support is hard to achieve with membrane switches and keypads. GP-Pro EX screen-creation software easily makes it possible, and many other operation customization as well.

GP-Pro EX Product page

Easily replace older models

Panel cutout size is compatible using a dedicated attachment, so no design modifications are needed for installation.

Connectivity with a range of devices

Pro-face HMIs support connection with a wide range of industrial controllers including PLCs, temperature controllers, inverters. For more information on supported equipment, please refer to this list.
*2 Pro-Server EX will be supported in July 2016.