March 2014 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

PS4600 iPC

The Pro-face PS4600 iPC is a compact 12.1" industrial computer with high-speed processing. Its aluminum housing adds to the PC's durability, while its multiple I/O ports lend to its flexibility. These units provide robust storage options, and easy storage expansion.

GP-Pro EX v.3.6

GP-Pro EX Screen Editor has been updated. GP-Pro EX v.3.6, supports EZ Numpad, and LT4000M Series with Pro-face Remote HMI. Download trial edition now! This is a free upgrade for users of GP Pro EX v.3.1 or later.

Remote HMI v.1.2

Pro-face Remote HMI v.1.2 was just released and now includes support for LT4000 series HMIs (GP-Pro EX v.3.6+ required), as well as enhanced features such as Full Screen Mode and Custom Background Color. Download it today on the App Store or Google Play.