June 2015 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

SP5660 Display

We are happy to announce the launch of the SP5660 12" Display with Wireless LAN. This addition to the SP5000 series is compatible with the SP5B40 Node Box unit, combining to offer wireless LAN capabilities with an open box platform.

Environmental Covers

Pro-face now offers environmental covers for the SP5000 and FP5000 series. This cover helps to protect Pro-face displays from corrosion due to chemicals and oil mist used in factories, reducing the need for periodic maintenance and equipment replacement.

PS4600 Industrial PC

The Pro-face PS4600 iPC is a compact 12.1" industrial computer with high-speed processing. Its aluminum housing adds to the PC's durability, while its multiple I/O ports lend to its flexibility. These units provide robust storage options, and easy storage expansion.

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