February 2016 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

Remote HMI
Reduced Price

Beginning in March, the Pro-face Remote HMI app will have a new low price of only $29.99 (through February 29, 2016, you can still purchase the app at our sale price of $19.99). Pro-face Remote HMI allows you to check machines and equipment for alarms, operating status, and other information using a tablet or smartphone from anywhere on the factory floor. It's available on the App Store or Google Play

Remote HMI Server

Pro-face Remote HMI Server is an application now available in GP-Pro EX 4.x that connects any PC or iPC with our Pro-face Remote HMI app, and allows you to operate any software installed on your PC with a tablet or smart phone.

New Migration Tool

We now offer an easy way to find a migration path from legacy Pro-face products to new Pro-face products. Check out this great app to get migration suggestions now. Further migration details can also be found in the Migration Center on the Pro-face Technical Support site.

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