Features - Easy Setting

API feature and Action function

Pro-Server EX API connects with your current applications . Pro-Server EX can also access the data you are currently using by using Action functions.
Connect offices and sites

E-mail Alerts

Configure Pro-Server EX to send an e-mail alert whenever a certain event occurs. When repairing defects, operators can immediately find solutions.
E-mail Alerts

Siemens PLC's Tag Import Function

Import STEP7 Project File tag information, created by a Siemens PLC, into Pro-Server EX via GP-Pro EX screen data to reduce development time.
Tag import
Tag Import
S7-200 Series S7-300/400 Series S7-1200 Series

See the following manual for the data type which can be imported.
- MPI direct connection→"When Using a Tag"
- Ethernet connection→"When Using a Tag"