April 2015 - HMI Solutions Made Simple

SP5000 Series

More than just an HMI, the SP-5000 Series allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded to the Smart Portal and transmitted in the optimal format to those who need it. The SP-5000 connects information and people for optimal communication.

LT4000M Series

The Pro-face LT4000M HMI is a flexible operator interface plus control that combines an HMI with a PLC to save panel space, wiring work, and programming time. The easy 22mm modular mounting and separation cables offer location options never before possible.

EZ Series

The EZ Series (Fingerprint Recognition Unit, Illuminated Switch, Numpad, Tower Light) was developed to easily improve the functionality of operating stations. Easy to connect with USB. Easy to install with 22mm hole mounting. Easy to setup with GP-Pro EX.

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