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September 8, 2014 - Pro-face America releases GP-Pro EX v4.02. This latest upgrade to the GP-Pro EX v4.0 is available for download on the Pro-face Technical Support web site.

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August 12, 2014 - Pro-face America announced the release of the SP5000 series. This enhanced HMI offers sophisticated machine performance; production management and predictive maintenance utilizing operation data. The flexibility and power of this new product allows you to bring big data to the manufacturing floor. The SP5000 series offers unprecedented connectivity, creating a new interface, designed firmly with the future in mind. It allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded and transmitted in an optimal format to those who need it.


The Essentials Guide to Local Visualization explores key considerations in local visualization solutions, including core functionality, modular extensions & accessories, ease of deployment, and system integrations.


Pro-face HMI Development SoftwareMay 5, 2014 - Ann Arbor, MI - Pro-face America announces the release of GP-Pro EX v4.0. This advanced HMI development software is exclusive to Pro-face allowing advanced HMI screen design, editing, and development. GP-Pro EX v4.0 is the newest version and offers enhanced functionality and flexibility including:


The NEW Pro-face LT4000 Series HMI offers 3.5" and 5.7" LED backlit LCD Displays. Display and Communication modules can be separated for quick mounting into a standard 22mm hole without the need to create a larger panel cutout. It offers a full graphics touch screen interface with a selection of serial or Ethernet connectivity.


Ann Arbor, MI — May 31, 2013 - Pro-face, the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and factory data communication solutions, developed the world's first HMI, which went on sale on October 20, 1988. Today, Pro-face is proud to announce that total global sales of its HMIs exceeded three million units in March 2013 according to data obtained directly from vendors.


Ann Arbor, MI - Pro-face America, North American division of Digital Electronics, the global leader of Human Machine Interface (HMI), Operator Interfaces, and Industrial Computers, announces the release of the remote monitoring software Pro-face Remote HMI.

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