Node Boxes

Pro-face Node Box Industrial PCs

Multiple build to order options. The PS4000 series offers 1 slot, 2 slot, and 5 slot options and multiple features that can be added to customize the product for your needed application.

Check out our new IPC Family, the PS5000 Series!

Pro-face PS4000 Series offers:

  • Dependable and energy efficient disk-less operation, perfect for hazardous environments.
  • The most current technology with Windows® XP Professional and Windows® 7 Ultimate operating systems.
  • Quick and smooth high-speed processing with combinations such as, CORE Duo processors, with Windows® 7, and PCI Express expansion.
  • Shortened downtime with simple part replacement and world class global support.
  • Extensive connectivity and HMI development with the ability to create HMI screens and logic programming using WinGP and GP-Pro EX HMI Development software.PE4000B Series

PE4000B Series - Compact durability for multiple applications.